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Everything needs fine-tuning after a while – your car, pianos… even your computer! The professional technicians at All San Diego Computer Repair can boost up the speed and performance of your PC making it “feel” like the day it was born! In fact, we can make it run even BETTER than brand new!

Network Assessment

We can take a look at your existing infrastructure and conduct a thorough assessment of your company’s needs to provide you with a framework for better decision making. We can help you understand the best technology options your business needs. And give you specific and actionable recommendations to help you avoid costly mistakes.

Spam Control

“Real life” is hard enough to deal with without being constantly badgered by a constant unending onslaught of sales pitch after “too good to be true” offers. ASDCR has developed tried and true techniques for seizing control of your inbox so you can get on about your life.

Wireless Install/Config

All technicians at All San Diego Computer Repair are experts at setting up computer networks.  Whether you have a traditional wired network or you require an advanced wireless environment, we know what to do. We also ensure that only the people you want on your network are able to connect. ASDCR is able to provide you with a customized secure network specific to the requirements of your small business.


Computer Repair

Computers get normal wear and tear just like anything else. Sometimes you are able to get through it on your own. And sometimes you feel you’re in just a little over your head. Not to worry… we can hit the curve balls for you! Whether its a simple video card adjustment or advanced operating system diagnostics… “We know what to do!” Call us in!

Computer Maintenance

Cars need their oil changed, your house needs upkeep from time to time – likewise with computers you need to clean out your hard drive, you should remove programs that you don’t need, and you should update the operating system and other programs (java, flash, adobe) to keep them current. Failure to keep up on computer maintenance only leads to more expensive repairs later.

PC Optimization

Bump up your computers’ performance by tweaking settings, controlling what programs start when your computers boot up, and streamline your hard drive for optimum performance. This is actually one of the more “fun” aspects of our job! We’re always learning new ways to squeeze another percent of performance out of your CPUs! :)

Custom Configuration

You may be a day trader that needs “wrap around” monitors to display all the data pouring into your office – you may be a real estate agent with several thousand contacts in your Outlook – you may be a photographer safeguarding your life’s work with terabyte hard drives backing eachother up… whatever your needs, we can recommend hardware and software that meets your unique needs. Its what we do. Its what we LIKE to do! And we’re good at it! :)


Virus Removal

Malicious software (malware – viruses, trojans, rootkits, etc) is pervasive these days. Despite your best efforts, despite keeping your anti-virus paid up, despite keeping it all up to date… viruses still make it through!  Its what they do. When you find yourself in the grips of a persistent intractable virus, and you just KNOW you’re in over your head, that’s when you call us in. We’ve seen it all. And we have the tools, the experience and the “know how” to deal with all of it.

Remote Access

Often you need access to your files when you’re away from the office. We keep our ear to the ground and we keep up on all the latest technologies that help you be more productive where ever you may find yourself.

Smartphone Support

Business moves at “internet speed.” We live in a connected society. Business doesn’t take a break just because you’re not at your desk. Employees are still getting paid, customers’ expectations don’t go away, and your mind is still working on problems and deriving solutions. Smartphones allow us to keep in touch and stay productive. All San Diego Computer Repair can offer ways of maximizing your reach and utilizing these fantastic tools to their maximum potential.

File and Data Recovery

“Back up, back up, back up!”  Yes, you should *always* backup your mission critical data… But what happens when you don’t?? Hard drives crash, they mechanically fail, they suffer physical damage, they get viruses, Master Boot Records and Partition Tables become corrupted rendering them useless… Yet payroll still has to get paid.  Our professional staff has extensive experience in data recovery, earning us our reputation for saving the most valuable data in the world: YOURS!

Small Business

Server Maintenance

Some businesses need the extra “horse power” afforded by a server. All San Diego Computer Repair provides complete on-site and remote support, problem resolution, and enhanced security measures to ensure information assurance: network uptime and availability.

Backup Systems

A comprehensive backup strategy is the cornerstone of sound business networking best practices. ASDCR favors multiple layers of backup protection including on-site hard drive imaging in conjunction with online/offsite data backup… all verified with quartely backup strategy assessment protocols. Why is information assurance so expensive? BECAUSE ITS WORTH IT.

Business IT Services

Remote management and on-site technical support. Server maintenance and advanced desktop diagnostics. Network security and server-based nightly whole-hard-drive backup systems. We have monthly service plans to ensure your business acheives the reliability and availability you require. Call for a quote today.