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Welcome to my blog!

computer problems - solvedWelcome to my new blog. First, some explanation: Although I’m calling it “All San Diego Computer Repair”, it will in fact be about anything I find interesting — that will often be computer repair per se (I really do enjoy my line of work!) but can also include technology in general, the Android operating system specifically (note: I’m starting to get more interested in Apple’s iOS too), the military (I was in the Navy for 8 years), military aviation (always wanted to fly jets as a kid… never did – long story), “some” politics (not much! I promise!), my home county of San Diego, and various other topics I deem to be “fun” and exciting here and there.

The idea for a blog has been brewing in my mind for almost as long as I’ve been in business for myself but I never had the time to dedicate to starting it up. But a while ago I realized that if I was waiting to ‘have time’ to start it, I never would.  So I took the bull by the horns and got it going.

I’m blogging as much for my own enjoyment and edification as for my clients. My focus in my business is to the county of San Diego, North County specifically because that is where I live. I’m sure people “out there” on the wild and wooly internet will find my site and have things to contribute as well (and I hope they do!), but my focus isn’t national or global – its local.

mobile computer repairIn my day-to-day interaction with people and their computers and networks I often find the same types of things cropping up – the same innocent questions from clients, they experience the same kinds of problems, etc. I thought it would be a good idea to write about those kinds of things as I notice them – maybe people won’t feel so alone in their experience with technology.

Also, once in a while someone has a fresh new insight or they see a technology or problem a little bit differently – those moments are exciting to me. I think it would be really great to write about those events as well. It would be interesting to see if anybody “out there” shares the same perspective or can elaborate further. I find that discovering different perspectives on heretofore common or familiar subjects interesting and rewarding.

There is also so much happening in the world of technology. As I read the news, I have opinions on some of those news items.  And I want to share.  I’m (pretty) sure my clients will find at least some of these things interesting and hopefully helpful as well. I’ve been told I have a knack for taking complex things and making them simple so non-technical people can understand them. I would agree with that. Mainly because *I* am (what I consider to be) “simple minded” – but I try real hard to understand things I like (technology) and put it into terms I can wrap my brain around. After that its a simple matter to communicate those ideas to others. I seem to do a satisfactory job of that in person – lets see if I can do the same in a written format!
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So… here we go!

“Underway! Shift colors!”

Your turn! What do you have to say??