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Use Mouse Scroll Wheel To Magnify The View On Apple Computers

A client recently called me out to make his HP All-in-One Printer/Scanner/Fax work with his Apple iMac.

As with most people, his printer isn’t in use all of the time – just intermittently from time to time. He explained to me that when he went to print a document, his printer wouldn’t respond. In order to get it to work, he would have to cycle the printer’s power to get it to print on command. Additionally, he wanted to be able to scan from the All-in-One directly into email on his iMac.

After some troubleshooting, I found the problem appeared to be with the “environmentally friendly” settings on the printer. The printer would shift into a low power consumption mode when not in use (the majority of the time) but then when called upon, would not “wake up.”

That’s no good.

After downloading fresh printer drivers from HP’s website and a little bit of troubleshooting I discovered the source of the problem and found that simply disabling the power saving mode cleared the problem.


Scan to Email

He also wanted to scan a document from the scanner directly into an email. That was easy, I demonstrated how that could be done from either the scanner itself or from controls within the computer.

Once I demonstrated the technique, I let him take over and do it himself a couple times until he got the hang of it and I was comfortable that he was familiar with the process and could do it himself after I left.


apple osx magic mouse magnify zoom screen monitor view enhance accessibility scroll wheelTrouble Seeing The Screen

But during this whole process, I noticed my client kept remarking how difficult it was to see things on the computer screen. Even though Apple makes the iMac very large, everything still looked very small to him.

I wanted to help, so I drew on my memory of working with Apple OSX before. I knew there was a way to make the dock bigger (the “dock” is comprised of the icons that line the bottom of the screen on an Apple computer). I “thought” it involved holding the control key down and scrolling the mouse. But I discovered that did something different – it magnified the *entire screen*!


(By the way, to change the size of the dock, open System Preferences, click on “Dock” – moving the top slider left and right controls the size of the dock.)

apple imac osx dock icons

He was *very* happy to discover this function on his iMac!


Two Birds – One Stone

With this revelation, his mood noticeably improved and he began to open up to me. He told me that he had been struggling with the printer problem for probably six months. Earlier that week he needed to scan several documents into the computer and then email them to people he was doing business with – but was unable. Instead of doing it right there at his desk at home, he had to travel several miles to his office and use the system there to scan the files in and send them off. Fed up, he decided to call in a computer repair service. And that’s how he found me.

He was extra happy because, in his words, “Not only did he get his computer and printer/scanner/fax working the way it was intended, but he is also able to see the screen easier too!”


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