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Streamline Your Google+ Stream with G+me Extension

Google’s new social networking platform Google+ is getting high praise for usability, privacy and control.

But one place it tends to fall down is it delivers so much information via its Stream feature that users report feeling engulfed.

Introducing a Google Chrome extension G+me.

Its getting rave reviews far and wide across the internet.

It will “compress” the G+ Stream timeline so only the title appears. “Mousing over” each line causes a preview pane to pop-up to the left so you get an idea of what that post is about. If you want to look further, you can interact with the preview pane. At any time, you can click on a particular item in the “stack” of items in your stream and it opens to all of its “pre” G+me glory.

Its a great app!


How its done…

First, you’ll need Google Chrome – if you haven’t downloaded it already, you will need to do so now. It will only take a minute.

G+me Google Chrome Extension Webstore Google+ Stream

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Next, head on over to G+me on the Google Chrome Webstore.

Find the “install” button in the lower right-hand corner of the big blue box, follow the simple directions and… you’re done!

Bon voyage!



That was easy!

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