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How to Get a Vanity URL in Google+

Adding 20 million+ users in its first three weeks, Google+ is shaping up to be the “next big thing.”

Just like when Yahoo, Myspace, Hotmail, and Facebook launched, you want to get in early while all the good usernames are available.  Well, at least while YOUR username is available! You don’t want to be JohnDoe2011 or JohnDoe92101 when you could be simply…  JohnDoe! is a new website and they are offering a way for you to grab your “vanity plate” on the Google+ service – for example, mine is

(psst! add me to your circles!)


How Its Done… makes this easy to do…

custom shortened google+ plus URL ID

example: click to expand

  • log in to your G+ account
  • go to your profile page (up by the “Google+” logo – third button, looks like a circle with a silhouette)
  • look in the address bar at your current URL – you’ll see a string of numbers after  “”   <<< that’s what you need! copy and paste that number — click the thumbnail to the right
  • navigate to (<<<  click that link)
  • “paste” that number you just copied into the text field on the right (labeled “your Google+ ID”)
  • in the right-hand box, this is where you get to pick your personalized URL!  (<<< “IF” it hasn’t been taken already!)


Your “new” Google+ vanity URL will be in the form…

This makes it manifestly easier for inclusion on marketing material such as business cards, flyers, car signs,etc – even simple word of mouth.



Just compare these two URLs…


Note: you can make your vanity URL anything you want – so long as it isn’t already taken

In fact, you can even change it later if you don’t like it.

For example, my “online persona” is “scorch” or some variant of that.  So I initially selected

But when I saw that there’s really no need to hide behind a “persona” online and there was more benefit to my computer repair service, I went to and submitted a change request and made my gplus URL

You can change your URL in the lower left-hand corner of the homepage in the section labeled “update your nickname” or click here.



How Easy Was That!

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