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Scan Any Suspicious File and KNOW If Its Safe!

A large part of my job as a computer repair service involves clearing viruses. What better way to keep the computer guy away than to not get infected in the first place? Lets examine one measure you can take today to reduce your likelihood of getting that sinking feeling that you’ve been had…


How Can You KNOW When Its Safe??

Your antivirus software has the best intentions, but let’s face it – no one is perfect and viruses get through. As I tell my clients, its only a matter of time before its “your lucky day” and its your turn to dance.

Then there’s the other side of the coin: You get an email from someone you trust and your antivirus alert goes off. Is that “really” a virus?

Again, you can’t know for sure.

You’ve heard the saying… “there’s strength in numbers”? I’m going to show you how to scan a suspicious file with the top 40 antivirus products on the market!



scan for viruses using top antivirus products on the market allows you to submit any suspicious file or email for in-depth safety analysis using ALL of the top performing antivirus products on the market. FOR FREE! You submit a file or email to their servers and they scan your file or email with the top 40 antivirus scanners on the market and send a report to your email.

The link above allows you to browse to any file on your computer and submit it to their servers for testing. But admittedly, that may be a tedious way to go about this.

In the inbound-email scenario I detailed in the opening paragraph, VirusTotal allows you to forward an incoming email to with the word scan in the subject line and VirusTotal will send back a report indicating the threat level of the email.


False Negative

What if you have a file on your computer that your installed antivirus is ignoring but you’re not so sure about? VirusTotal has a tool you can download that allows you to simply right-click on the file for instant upload and analysis on their servers.

The tool is called VirusTotalUploader and you can get it by clicking the link and then selecting the tab labeled “VT Uploader” — or you can download it directly here.

It doesn’t get any better than that folks!


One More Thing…

This is the kind of information you like to keep in your hip pocket – you won’t need it “every” day but it is good to know when the time is right.


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