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Happy 4th of July! Happy Birthday America!

4th of july fireworksJust a quick post to say happy 4th of July to everybody.

Got to see a great fireworks show last night – La Costa Resort & Spa put it on. Surprised me – it was a day before the 4th of July so… weird. My place overlooks the golf course there so when I heard all the racket starting up right at 9pm I ran up on the roof to get a front-row seat on all the action! :)

People around me were taking pictures. I could tell because their flashes were going off. I think its so funny when people try to take photographs of fireworks – and they leave the camera flash on. If you know anything about taking pictures or how cameras work, you know using a flash is worthless in that scenario. Its actually “less” than worthless. Using a flash actually works against you and makes those pictures “worse,” in fact. Not only because the effectiveness of a flash outside of a couple yards is miniscule anyway, but also because you’re taking a picture of a “bright” object (fireworks!) which need no flash! (Which reminds me: Ever watch the SuperBowl half-time show? And see all the flashes going off? Yep – similarly worthless.)

I don’t “check in” on Facebook very often but I took the opportunity at the time since I thought it was somewhat unusual that they were setting off fireworks a day early. (Oh well, its their money!lol)

military overseas helicopterAt any rate, this is just a good time to remember the men and women who have served our country to secure our liberties as well express our gratitude for those who can’t be here because they are serving overseas.

Again, have fun and stay safe! :)

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